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Meet The Executive Team

Lifestyles Executive team continuously works to ensure all Lifestyles Distributors receive the guidance, support and tools they need to build a prosperous home-based business around the world. Our Executive team is always striving to create innovative health and wellness products that help people live better every day.
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Paul David Shawn

David DeBora

Founder, Chairman and CEO

David founded Lifestyles International in November 1989 with the vision of creating a company that would bring optimum health and prosperity to people of all backgrounds and cultures. Today, he is delighted to see his vision has come to life. A dedicated father of five, David comes from a diverse business background, including owning a successful land development and construction firm. Having worked as both a Distributor and a corporate manager, David is a successful entrepreneur and self-made millionaire.

Paul Kramer

Senior Vice President

Paul has 25 years of experience in nutritional product development, Network Marketing and corporate management, and is the author of the best-selling book, Fighting Body Pollution, which is now printed in eight languages worldwide. As a registered Nutritional Consultant, Paul is a respected expert within the health industry, and has conducted health seminars around the world. He is a graduate of the Canadian Nutrition Institute’s Advanced Holistic Nutrition Program and currently represents Lifestyles as a member of the Canadian Health Food Association and the American Botanical Council.

Shawn DeBora

Managing Director

Shawn DeBora, son of Lifestyles Chairman and CEO David DeBora, is poised to lead the future success of Lifestyles.

Inspired by his father's vision of creating opportunity, hope and prosperity to people of different cultures and backgrounds, led Shawn to join Lifestyles in 2008. As the Director of International Operations, Shawn has travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and North America ensuring each market is operating and expanding at an optimal level.

Shawn obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University. His extensive experience as an independent sales contractor and communications consultant, has given him the experience and knowledge needed to assist Lifestyles affiliate offices and Distributors around the world. Shawn plans on continuing his father's vision of helping people live better, every day.

"This is not just my job, it's my passion and I'm proud to be a member of the Lifestyles family," says Shawn.