NutriaPlus is a supplement formulated with fruit and vegetable concentrates, plant extracts, vitamin C and selenium which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress!

Lifestyles developed NutriaPlus as a combination of 12 synergistic ingredients! NutriaPlus was developed in conjunction with the zebrafish research laboratory at Acenzia Inc.

NutriaPlus is the first natural health product to be formulated using the Zebrafish Research Model!

Zebrafish are excellent for research because:

they share 70% of the human genetic code
they share 85% of the genes that cause human disease
they are transparent - researchers can study their cells easily
they are the ideal way to see how nutrients function in the body
they grow quickly and breed rapidly

Watch the videos below to learn all about NutriaPlus and the Zebrafish Research Model:

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