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Our History

The Lifestyles Journey - celebrating over 30 Years of Success!

1989: Founder, Chairman and CEO David DeBora introduces Lifestyles in Canada and the USA with the launch of High-Fibre cookies.
1990: Lifestyles opens its first international offices in the United Kingdom and Eire.
1991: The first product expansion takes place with the launch of Life Cycles™.
1992: Intra is introduced to the world and the future of Lifestyles is forever changed!
1993: Lifestyles Australia and Lifestyles Japan open for business.
1994: The dream DIET® Program is launched. Lifestyles celebrates 5 years in business!
1995: Life Cycles Fruit & Vegetable capsules are introduced.
1996: Lifestyles Norway, Lifestyles Korea and Lifestyles Hong Kong begin operations.
1997: Lifestyles establishes its first Scientific Advisory Board. Intra celebrates its' 5th birthday!
1998: Lifestyles introduces Intra capsules and Nutria. Lifestyles Czech Republic, Lifestyles Philippines and Lifestyles Israel open for business.
1999: Lifestyles Poland opens. The LIFEbuilder Program is introduced. Lifestyles celebrates 10 years in business!
2000: Lifestyles Taiwan, Lifestyles Thailand and Lifestyles Euro open for business.
2001: Lifestyles Malaysia opens for business. Lifestyles introduces Vigor™.
2002: Lifestyles Slovak Republic opens and Lifestyles Taiwan opens their second office. Intra celebrates its' 10th birthday.
2003: Lifestyles Global Network moves into its stunning new headquarters located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Lifestyles Indonesia opens for business.
2004: Lifestyles Singapore opens for business. Lifestyles celebrates its 15th Birthday!
2005: Lifestyles begins to enhance its global brand throughout Asia.
2006: Lifestyles launches its newly re-designed logo and tagline "Live Better. Every Day." Fibrelife is launched.
2007: Intra proudly celebrates its' 15th birthday!
2008: Intra's newly re-designed bottle and label are introduced to the world! Lifestyles introduces the LIFEshape Program.
2009: Lifestyles celebrates 20 years in business! Lifestyles launches '' and the online shopping cart.
2010: Lifestyles Japan re-opens.
2011: Lifestyles Malaysia celebrates 10 years in business and launches Intra Infusion. Lifestyles launches its Facebook and YouTube accounts. Lifestyles launches PBC 2.0.
2012: Intra celebrates 20 years of helping people Live Better. Every Day.
2013: Intra Infusion is launched in Thailand.
2014: Lifestyles reaches a milestone and celebrates 25 Years of Success!
2015: Lifestyles Middle East opens for business. Lifestyles Philippines moves into their new head office in the Alphaland Southgate Mall, Makati City.
2016: Lifestyles Hong Kong celebrates 20 Years and launches Intra Infusion. The newly redesigned PBC mobile is launched.
2017: Intra celebrates 25 Years and continues to be enjoyed by millions worldwide!
2018: NutriaPlus is introduced in several markets.
2019: Lifestyles celebrates 30 Years of Success! Lifestyles Philippines celebrates 20 Years in business!
2020: Lifestyles launches CardioLife to the markets.
2021: PBC is completely redesigned!
2022: Intra celebrates 30 Years of Success!