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Climbing the Ladder of Success: Believe in yourself, never give up!


Not everyone gets in at the bottom floor of the Lifestyles’ ladder of success and immediately sets their sights on the top. Some people are sufficiently challenged in their current position and have no desire to move up in the ranks. Others, however, always have their eyes on the horizon. 
“When you are running for your promotion, it is no longer about yourself. It is about the people around you – your downlines who are willing to give their extra effort for you to attain your promotion because whatever your story will be during your run will definitely include their stories. Then everyone's stories altogether will inspire them in every journey they take…” new National Marketing Director (NMD) Chow Wai Yee realized before she made it to her position right now.
Choosing your way up to Lifestyles
From being an Operations Manager and part owner of a software consulting and solutions company, joining the Lifestyles business became a challenge to Yee.
“When I started the Lifestyles business, I was not focusing on its technicalities because I had hard time understanding it since I came from technology world. It was not so easy to shift my career from corporate to this business. It is 100% opposite in nature.” Yee explained.
She was unsure about leaving the work environment she had built and was worried about the employees who depended on her as she left the company which was once her bread and butter for 6 years. 
“There were hesitations before I chose Lifestyles. First, it was so difficult to compare an apple to an orange since corporate has its structure while in networking business, there is none. Second, I was the boss in my previous company. But here, I cannot control people - the only one I can control is myself. Third, it was the hardest decision I made in my entire life. Resigning from my previous company became so hard since I had employees who were close to my heart.”
However, Yee believed that Lifestyles was sent as a blessing in disguise by God. Amidst her doubts, she was able to help her former staff get employed, her business partners got settled, and all of her pending projects were finished – everything became smooth though her company closed after she resigned.
Claim the victory, believe in yourself!

Yee eventually made Lifestyles business her full time career since August 2014. She never thought that she will bag her NMD promotion in just 7 months.
“I was 90% choleric person. I get irritated whenever I don't reach my goals. Achieving goals in my corporate work was easy for me but when I tried it here, I almost gave up! I was promoted many times in my previous company but it was not as difficult as my run for promotion in Lifestyles.”
Yee thought that her academic achievements would help her get her promotion. However, when Yee qualified to Lifestyles' training camps- the Hyatt, Solaire and La Virginia Resort, she learned that personality matters most than any other attainment.
“I realized that my biggest problem was myself. I thought I knew everything already. I assumed that I did not need the help of my uplines. I had to become teachable before I could understand the purpose of my promotion. I got motivated and started to embrace the Lifestyles mission after I attended different Go ED trainings. I thought all the trainings were the same, but I was surprised in all the trainings that Lifestyles offered - in every training, there are new lessons, new realizations and new reasons to move forward…”
“When I finished those once-in-a-lifetime trainings that no any other company can offer, my perception in life became vast and it developed my personality a lot. After that, I decided to be a National Marketing Director. I knew it was not so easy but I already claimed my promotion. I told myself that I can do it. I sought advice from my uplines. I did everything I could, and I almost gave up but then I kept praying and believing in myself - that I can finish the race,” Yee added.
Yee is one of those people who always have the bigger picture in mind, and an underlying motivation behind hard work.
“When I got the promotion, I told myself that all the hard work paid off. I realized that I had to overcome every thunderstorm in life before I can inspire people by telling them my story.”

According to Yee, in order to move up, don’t focus on your own need for a promotion but rather, on how the organization will benefit if they promote you. If you don’t move up as quickly as you want, don’t throw in the towel. Revise your plan, talk to your uplines, and keep working at it.
Highest Personal Group Volume 2014 Awardee
Aside from being one of the newest promoted NMD's, the 27-year-old Yee has also proven herself to be a highly motivated, result-oriented achiever with strong leadership ability and high integrity as she captured the Highest Personal Group Volume award for 2014.
“The only thing I thought when I started doing the Lifestyles business was to share its mission - to provide individuals with the global opportunity that enhances their quality of life and the lives of those around them. When I did the mission wholeheartedly, it was definitely priceless! The award I received was a bonus. I only thought of helping my downlines to achieve their dreams, without knowing that along the way I would achieve the highest personal group volume for 2014. Everything is a blessing with Lifestyles!” Yee disclosed happily.


Yee also mentioned that even before you take your first step on the righteous journey to pursue your dreams, people around you, even the ones who deeply care for you, will give you awful advice.  It is not because they have bad intentions.  It is because they do not understand the big picture – what your dreams, passions, and life goals mean to you.  So ignore them, work harder, and pray more for them because every reward is worth the risk.
Focus on your goals, dream bigger!
It is never too late for you to achieve your goals in life. Today is the only day you can begin to make a difference in your life.  And pursuing your dreams is what life is all about. Make today the first day of the rest of your new life.
As a dreamer, Yee also believed that a person who dreams big is just ordinary. What makes them extraordinary is when they find the courage, heart, and discipline to make that dream come true, no matter what their age, looks, or impairments are.
“Never ever quit! Because if you quit you lose the game. All you have to do is become teachable because you cannot succeed in this business alone. Claim your victory and be positive always!” Yee shared. “Do not let other things or people become a hindrance to your promotion. The solution lies within you. Always remember that there are no factors that can block your way to success, only yourself! Whether you will get your promotion or not, it is still a matter of your choice…”
If you happen to fail in your battle, set your failures as the stepping stones to your success. Dreaming and achieving it will always be a win-win situation, either you succeed or you learn something. If you cannot handle failure, then you cannot handle success either.
For Yee, there is no person living on this planet who does not have dreams that are worth fighting for.