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Achieve Success with your all out Consistency and Hardwork


For a former van rental service driver, it is an uphill climb to be successful in any business. By never giving up, working hard, and staying steadfast towards your goals, the doors of opportunity will open for you.

Fourteen years in the Lifestyles business, International Marketing Director (IMD) Bezer Pating stood the test of time after he picked up the broken pieces of his life and made it a purpose to live.

Lifestyles changes people’s lives

“I was a personal driver of my elder sister. Sometimes I also drove rent-a-cars, and if my income was not enough for the needs of my family, I also drove the tricycle to earn extra money. That was my life before Lifestyles,” Pating shared.

Before Pating met Lifestyles, he had days when life just does not seem to be going his way. He had seasons in life when he felt like nothing was working and everything was out of whack, and had frustrating days where he just cannot seem to get anything accomplished

"We were struggling financially. I was the only one working. The income of a driver was not enough for the needs of my family. I do not even get a chance to buy gifts for my wife. We were just living under the same roof with my mother for 5 years. What it made more difficult was my mother and my wife were not in good terms. So I decided to move out to prevent further conflicts within the family,” said Pating. “We had rented a tiny room. When we woke up in the morning, we would see our laundry. We eat together on our beds. And whenever we went out of our room, there were lots of neighboring rooms. All their loud noises can be heard in our room - this was the environment we used to live in.”

“Plus, the worst thing that happened - I had a motorcycle accident. I was so useless that time; my life became dull since I was bedridden for 3 months. I could not even bathe myself. My wife took care of me while taking care of our 3 children. That was my life when I was not with Lifestyles yet. It is so far from where we are now,” Pating disclosed.

When Pating recovered from his mishap, he tried to join four big networking companies.
“I loaned my investment for different networking companies. Each networking company has its many products. Imagine, I would explain all their products and ended up with only one product sold. I was not successful with them. So I went back driving again for me to pay all of my loans.”

“Lifestyles was introduced to me by my elder sister. At first, I was hesitant to join another networking. However, after a year I saw my nephews and nieces, who joined Lifestyles, driving their own brand new cars. After that, I told myself that if they became successful, I can also do the same or even better. So I eventually joined Lifestyles.”

Pating never stopped dreaming to lift up his family from their misery. He worked harder with the help of his wife until they have successfully built their organizations in Pangasinan, Pampanga, Baguio and Mindanao.

“Because the Lifestyles products are so effective and reliable, there are lots of people using them. Even though we do not have friends who are rich, there are still people buying these. Our 2 years in the Lifestyles business was not easy but instead giving up, we sought help from our uplines. We opened our heart to listen to them and attended all trainings until we realized that we cannot achieve success in this business if we will not become consistent in the Lifestyles’ mission.”

Pating joined the Lifestyles Philippines business in 2001. After 2 years, he was able to acquire 5-bedroom house and lot, and a secondhand car which was eventually upgraded to a Van.

Pating also acquired his first brand new car, an automatic Toyota Innova, because of the Lifestyles business.

“Since I joined Lifestyles, I can bring my family to restaurants we couldn’t afford before. I was able to buy a top-of-the-line Honda Jazz for my wife. My wife and I bought 3 subdivision lots. I travelled to 8 countries last year. I treated my family and my wife’s relatives to travel abroad. All of these I achieved because of Lifestyles!” Pating shared with a smile.

“My life with Lifestyles is incredibly incomparable! It’s amazing!”


Pating learned a lot of things before he achieved successful and great life.
“I learned that there is no such thing as a secret weapon to success. With Lifestyles, you can become a successful person if you do not know how to quit. If you become consistent, and do your best to find ways to do extraordinary things through the Lifestyles’ mission, you will definitely achieve success! If you have a big dream in life when you meet Lifestyles, be thankful to God because this is the right place for you!” Pating enclosed.
A big part of success is to embrace your fears.  Whether it is fear of poverty, fear of failure, fear of lacking the right college degree or skills, you have to run towards your weaknesses and fears with the confidence that God is with you always and that you can make it through hardwork and dedication.