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From noble job to noblest business: Lifestyles is not just a mere business, it is a Living


“I live because of LIFESTYLES so I shall die with LIFESTYLES” vowed by a 54-year-old former public school teacher who was at the peak of her career when she joined Lifestyles.  

Amidst the fame from being a well known outstanding public school teacher and a great trainer specializing in Math subjects in the entire Region III, Lifestyles Philippines National Marketing Director (NMD) Vicenia Borcena was steadfast in her conviction to continue the Lifestyles business as it is the backbone of the life of her family.
Borcena joined the Lifestyles business in 2000.
“I had my early retirement from teaching because of Lifestyles. Since I joined in the business, my life became bountiful and more comfortable. There were things that I cannot afford to have before, and I have them now because of Lifestyles. I got brand new cars. I sent my three children to prestigious universities. Everything became a call of comfort.”
However, Borcena experienced challenging times.
In 2006, her organization fell apart. She lost leaders from her group. She had to return to teaching and put up her own tutorial center.
“It was so difficult for me to continue the business after the catastrophe. So I decided to go back in teaching. I put up my own tutorial center in 2009. Every month I earned only 3 thousand. I could no longer feel the happiness that I experienced when I’m in Lifestyles.”
Though Borcena rested from doing the Lifestyles business, she did not stop using the Lifestyles products.
“The good thing with Lifestyles, even though I decided to stop doing its business I can still continue taking its products because they have amazing products that no one else has.”
Then a friend wanted to purchase 20 bottles of Lifestyles products. Borcena realized that her intelligence was not suited for the small business she was running. She immediately decided to return to the Lifestyles business and embrace its mission.
“It was a slap on my face when I realized that 3 thousand every month from running my own tutorial center was not tantamount to the intelligence nd effort I was giving. Without hesitation, I closed my tutorial center and gave up teaching in universities to go back to the Lifestyles business.”
“When I went back to the Lifestyles business, I was heavily in debt. I had bank loans, all of my properties were at stake. Imagine how Lifestyles pushed me up - after 1 year of resuming the business, I had all my debts paid. Then after 8 months, I bought my Toyota Vios. What an amazing business!”
Borcena shared that Lifestyles not only became the source of their better living but also made the family intact.
“One of the great things Lifestyles did to my life was it helped me to complete my family again. My third child ran away from home. Surprisingly, I happened to see him during my Lifestyles event in Olongapo. Now he is one of the National Marketing Directors of Lifestyles Philippines.”
Borcena has been proved that if God wanted to let you have the best things in life, He will test you and if you pass, you will eventually receive all the blessings you deserve.

“Lifestyles is indeed a blessing in disguise. If you just do your best and never ever give up Lifestyles, you will live your dream.”
Last year, in 2014, Borcena acquired her Toyota Fortuner. On the same year, she was able to travel different places in Europe, all because of her Lifestyles business.

Her Lifestyles business serves as their bread and butter. Even Borcena’s children became Lifestylers - her two daughters are doing Lifestyles business part-time, while her two sons are doing it full-time.
Lifetime Achievement
Recently, Borcena, who was featured in the People’s Journal magazine, has bagged the Lifetime Achievement Award 2014 of Lifestyles Philippines.
“The award I got was unexpected. My only weapon is my integrity in doing the Lifestyles business. I believe that this award was not based on my longevity in the business, instead it was based from the smallest efforts I made with all my heart that have big impact to many lives because I embrace the Lifestyles mission.”
Borcena also shared, “If you are already in the Lifestyles business, stay with the company. Do not ever lose you integrity for you to earn your credibility and be respected. This business will tighten up your relationship to God. Only in Lifestyles can you meet real Millionaires with good hearts. Only here will you find your second family. Lifestyles accepts people from all walks of life - any age, any educational attainment.  As long as you have a big dream, this is the best place for you to live a remarkable life by doing this noblest business with integrity and commitment.”
Integrity isn’t something easily monetized, but when it’s implemented into a business’ DNA, there is plenty of income and great potential to make more. Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.