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Reach your goals with Real Commitment and Conviction


Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. It is not a matter of age. Just like a former working student with achievements stemming from steadfast goals. A woman with a heart of determination to succeed from every decision she made. A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Art Studies at the University of the Philippines. Now at the age of 28, she established herself as the youngest Global Marketing Director (GMD) of Lifestyles Philippines- MARIA JONIMMA GUTIERREZ-LUI.

Embrace your destiny with Lifestyles’ mission

Lui, a former Account Executive in a logistics company, kept ignoring the Lifestyles opportunity in the beginning.
“Lifestyles was introduced to me by my friend. At first, it never crossed to my mind to get involved with her business because I’m not a believer of herbal supplements nor networking businesses – I thought it was a scam,” said Lui.
Lui is a breadwinner to her family, sending her siblings to prestigious schools aiming to provide them a quality education. Since her salary could not sustain the needs of her family, she decided to put up her own business.
“My first priority is my family. I have to find ways to earn extra income. My salary was not enough for the tuition fees of my siblings. I tried different traditional businesses from a typical boutique to an online shop. Income wasn’t that good. My effort was more than the profit,” Lui shared.
Then fate caught up with her life and gave her another chance at success.
“I met my friend again after 3 years. I saw positive changes in her life. I told her to share her secrets, while at the back of my mind I’m wishing that this is not about the herbal…”
Lui listened to her friend while sharing the story of her success with Lifestyles. The friend she once rejected because she did not like networking was now a GMD of Lifestyles Philippines.
“When GMD Angie Liwanag convinced me again after I heard her life-changing story with Lifestyles, I decided to give a try.”
Together with her former boyfriend now her husband, Stevenson Lui, she initially started the Lifestyles business on a part-time basis.
“After 6 months, I finally resigned from my work to do this full-time since I’m earning more than my income as an employee.”
With a heart not just to earn money but also to inspire people with the Lifestyles mission, Lui is continuously focusing to help her downlines make their way to success.
“I started the Lifestyles business in 2010. By 2011, I already bought my first automatic Toyota Avanza. After two months, my husband and I acquired 2-bedroom condo unit in Taguig City. In the same year, we bought our second car, an automatic Toyota Innova.”
Lui did not stop there. She worked harder and aimed higher as she spurred her dream to become a Global Marketing Director.
It became a habit for her to buy a brand new car for every promotion she achieved. As she bagged her recent highest promotion to GMD, she acquired her fifth Lifestyles car - an automatic Toyota 86 sports car. 
Commitment and Good work for a better life
Now that Lui is a Global Marketing Director, she is committed to her downlines and make her organization bigger.
“Even though I’m now GMD, I always put to heart that I will continue helping my downlines, and educate them to embrace the mission of Lifestyles as I did. It is already part of our lives. I will help them boost their commitment and conviction in doing the business because it is more than the money but the lives of other people that will keep us going!” said Lui.
For Lui, becoming the person who you are today is not an accident, but a purposeful intent. It is about creating the best and tailored experience for your community and company.
“You are never too young to aim higher. You have in you all the ingredients for doing amazing work in you. You just need to believe and persevere. Be generous with your time and money. It has an amazingly fast payback. Keep believing in yourself. Keep your faith in God because as soon as He sees all of your hardwork, He will surely give you all the blessings.”
Inspire others to take action by showing your own action, commitment and good work for a better life. If you happen to fail, you will recognize your strengths and limitations and be better to adapt in the future. Only by stretching beyond your limit can you fully maximize your potential.