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Great life comes with exceptional Perseverance and Patience

GMD Rochelle Angel Cayabyab

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. This is what the former government employee and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Rochelle Angel Cayabyab realized after her family experienced downfall in their life. 

After 11 years of working as a public servant, Rochelle decided to resign and pursue a full time business career with Lifestyles.

On her journey with Lifestyles Philippines, she soon conquered all her financial challenges and acquired two brand new cars in just one year.

Now, just 6 years of being a Certified Pusher of Intra (CPI), Rochelle was recently promoted as the newest Lifestyles Philippines’ Global Marketing Director (GMD) of 2015, the highest rank in the ladder of success.

“I’m looking for positive changes in my life particularly with time and financial freedom which I only found at Lifestyles! If you are an employee, you cannot design your own time nor decide on your own income. When I became a Lifestyler, I started to earn times ten of my income before,” Rochelle disclosed.

Aside from financial freedom, Rochelle is also enjoying her time freedom now with her family as she fulfills her duty as a loving wife to her husband and a caring mother to her children.

“One thing Lifestyles gave to me is the Time Freedom. I can now give quality time to my family rather than giving them quantity time because it is totally a different story,” said Rochelle.

“Lifestyles opens its door to everyone for a fair chance to be successful, an equal opportunity that no one can savor from an employment. I’m just so lucky I walked thru that door,” Rochelle added.

Achieving your purpose in life through Lifestyles

What made motivate Rochelle to keep continue her Lifestyles business are her downline distributors. She found herself doing the noblest job that no one can ever replace.
“Seeing my distributors achieving their dreams, I know in some way I have been a part of it. The talents and gifts that God gave me are being utilized to motivate them (my distributors) through the Lifestyles opportunity. I become a blessing to others unlike in employment you cannot easily extend purposeful mission with other people. In Lifestyles, you can grow, and impart your talents and knowledge to a lot of people. You can inspire people, and eventually help them to give their family good health and a better life. This is fulfillment for me because I make a difference to a lot of people, it seems like I achieve my purpose in life.”

The mission

As Rochelle continuously embraces the mission of Lifestyles, her next goal is to let her downlines experience time and financial freedom by helping them get promoted to their next pin levels. She also aims to bring her network globally to share the mission of Lifestyles to Filipinos abroad.

“I have two siblings in abroad, and I know they have difficult lives there, I have this vision to help overseas Filipino workers to achieve time and financial freedom,” said Rochelle.

Do your best! Be Patient.

Success is never easily achieved. For GMD Rochelle, hardwork and patience go hand in hand.

“Every one of us is just like a pot. We are being molded,” GMD Rochelle said. “Be patient. Everything in Lifestyles will be given to you in due time when you are ready to receive it. God will not give you anything that will harm you. He only gives things that are within your reach, and gives you the best life you can have. If your dreams are not yet given maybe you are not yet ready. Just be patient. Keep on praying. Keep on doing your best. Persist and insist. Convince God that you deserve it. You have to convince Him that you deserve all blessings before these are given to you.”