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Malaysia National Gala 2008 Press Release


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – On January 26 2008, Lifestyles Chairman and CEO David DeBora attended Lifestyles Malaysia’s National Gala to congratulate the market on their accomplishments. For the second consecutive year Malaysia has recorded the highest growth globally, recording an 83 per cent increase in sales.

Many local office initiatives contributed to the success and growth of the Malaysian market, including new zone management and zone recognitions, Leadership Development Funds, and amplified motivation for leaders and Distributors to qualify at rank.

“I am thrilled to see Malaysia doing so well. They are constantly developing effective methods to increase sales and sustain the Lifestyles image,” said Lifestyles Chairman and CEO, David DeBora. “It’s been a great 2007 for Malaysia, and with the many new programs and initiatives introduced, I’m sure 2008 will be an even better one.”

Local offices weren’t the only ones contributing, many leaders and Distributors have stepped up and created opportunities for growth as well. Top leaders have been working with local offices to develop new areas and conduct BOP’s with corporate support.

“Plans for 2008 have already been set in motion,” said Winson Gene Ong, General Manager of Lifestyles Malaysia. “It is going to be the ‘year of teamwork.’”

Also in 2008, Malaysia will be introduced to B.O.S.S. (Business Owner Success System) Training. In addition, Lifestyles’ Senior Vice President of International Product Research & Development and Distributor Success, Paul Kramer, will be releasing his book, Fighting Body Pollution – Staying Healthy in an Unhealthy World, in the Malay version. Paul Kramer is a registered Nutritional Consultant who has conducted health seminars around the world.