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What Friends Are Saying!
What Friends Are Saying!

What Friends Are Saying!

" husband Peter and I have been drinking Intra for years, and we’re both enjoying better health, no question..."
Stella Jones - Toronto, Ontario

“Drinking a little Intra each day has made me happier, healthier, I’ve not been as tired....”
Richard English - Vancouver, British Columbia

“I was introduced to Intra by a friend and I have been a regular consumer for years. I now enjoy the extra income that comes from selling Intra…”
Simone Simpson - San Francisco, California


The Intra Formula + Lifestyles Distributors are Better Together!
Just as the 23 botanicals in Intra go Better Together, so too does Lifestyles and our Distributors. You drive Lifestyles’ growth just as we drive yours. And, the partnerships we share remain our most valuable – and valued – asset. With Intra and your desire to succeed, there are no limits to what we can achieve.

To our newest members, welcome aboard! We look forward to working with you in your goal of bringing Lifestyles’ great products out to the world. And to you seasoned members of the Lifestyles family, thanks for driving our success and keep up the great work!



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