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The Botanicals

A natural botanical blend

Lifestyles combines this ancient worldwide knowledge of botanicals with advanced science to create Intra, a natural botanical supplement geared to today’s lifestyles. Since 1992, premium-quality Intra has found a loyal and dedicated following, and has been enjoyed by millions the world over.

Ancient Knowledge + Advanced Science = Better Together!


Bringing ancient history and modern science together!

Ancient herbalists from all four corners of the world were well aware of the potential benefit of botanicals in maintaining and restoring health and the impact of botanicals on different functions of the body. The traditional wisdom absorbed from these ancient practices was used to create the advanced formula of 23 time-tested, trusted botanical extracts found in Intra.


You + Intra = Better Together!

Suitable for people of all ages, an ounce or two of Intra a day helps nourish body cells and provides essential plant-based nutrients no longer available from our modern process food supply.

The key to Intra’s effectiveness is the synergy of the blended botanicals working together — which produces a greater benefit than any one of the ingredients on their own. In other words.

Intra’s 23 botanicals work better together!


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