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The Botanicals

Premium ingredients + Stringent testing + Consistent quality = Better Together!

The perfect balance of Mother Nature’s best 23 botanicals is just the beginning:

  • All of Intra’s 23 botanicals are grown without chemical sprays or artificial fertilizers
  • Intra’s botanicals are carefully handpicked to preserve the highest quality and levels of active ingredients
  • After thorough inspection and analysis, active ingredients from each botanical are carefully extracted
  • Standardization and testing ensure each botanical extract has a consistently high level of active compounds
  • The extracts are then blended together to enhance each other’s benefits based on Lifestyles' proprietary formula
  • The final product is bottled in a HACCP*-certified factory under stringent manufacturing processes and GMP** standards to ensure quality and potency

This attention to detail means every drop in every bottle of Intra purchased is of a high, consistent quality for a perfectly balanced formula.

*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points   **Good Manufacturing Practices


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