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Better Together

Intra: better together to balance all eight of your body’s biological systems

Are you heading in a healthy direction? For thousands of years, the Chinese have believed the secret to life revolves around the “pa-kua” (pronounced par-kwar), an octagonal symbol that depicts the eight points of the compass. It is believed that the trigrams (eight directions) give the pa-kua its power & energy.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the body also has eight biological systems — digestive and energy, immune, hormonal (endocrine), structural (musculoskeletal), nervous, reproductive, eliminative/antioxidant, and cardiovascular — and that optimum power, energy and good health depend on all systems working together in balance and harmony.

Lifestyles’ goal is to help you achieve a biological balance for a state of health and wellness that gives you the energy and vitality to” Live Better. Every Day.”

Intra + You = Optimum Power, Energy, and Good Health!


Even today, many cultures still use botanicals to effectively maintain health and heal ailments.

Did you know that more than 25 per cent of prescription drugs today contain active ingredients that are plant-based?

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