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Better Together

What is "Better Together"?

There are many things in life that seem to go better together, almost like they were made for each other. Peanut butter and jelly. Movies and popcorn. Spring and blooming flowers.

Lifestyles has discovered a few more things that go better together. The first are the 23 botanical extracts that go into every bottle of Intra. And, because of these amazing botanical extracts and the way they work together we have found that Intra and you also go better together. Keep reading to find out why!

Are you getting the botanicals you need in your diet today?

Botanicals contain many nutrients not often found in most foods we eat today. While our ancestors consumed botanicals as part of their regular diet, we rarely find ourselves, say, chewing on a piece of bark, or eating a flower petal, except for the occasional "show" ingredient in some salads.

Still, the nutrients found in botanicals are unique and of great value to our health, especially in an era where stress, inactivity, pollution, and other imbalances are so much part of our modern day life.

Intra is a natural botanical beverage that provides your body with all the goodness your ancestors enjoyed from their diets. Think of it as Mother Nature's best ingredients helping to correct the imbalances caused by today's hectic lifestyle.

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