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Nutria Plus X'mas Party 2018


On December 19, 2018, we have the Nutria Plus X'mas Party in Lifestyles Hong Kong Office. Nearly 30 participants attend the party.

At the beginning, we introduce our new product, Nutria Plus, that is launched in April this year. It is composed of 12 elements that cause synergy effect, it is more powerful & effective than the old formula.

After the introduction, GMD Yeung shares her experience on taking Nutria Plus since April. The product improves her eye sight especially after watching mobile phone for a long time. Other DS are invited to share their experience on taking Intra, Nutria & Fibrelife. All the products improve their health a lot.

After the sharing section, we have the Q&A section to test the knowledge of DS on our products. Of course, all the DS know our products very much & answer correctly. Then, we have the lucky draw that raises the exciting of the event. All the DS get the prizes to celebrate the X'mas.

At last, we prepare refreshment for DS to enjoy. They all find the food yummy & pass a very enjoyable afternoon.

Eric Or, Supervisor, introduces Nutia Plus
Yeung, GMD, shares experience on Nutria Plus
DS shares experience on Lifestyles products
DS selects the answer in Q&A section
DS gets prize for correct answer
DS draws her prize in lucky draw section
Everyone enjoys the refreshment