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Mid year Recognition & Nutria Plus Launch party 2018


In the afternoon of August 1, mid-year recognition & NutriaPlus launch party was held in HK office. In the event, nearly 40 guests participate.

GMD Madam Yeung has her birthday in September. We prepare a birthday cake for her to celebrate her birthday in advance. After the birthday celebration, new product, Nutria Plus, is introduced by Finance Manager.

Lifestyles is the first MLM company to use zebra fish model to develop health product. We use 12 ingredients to develop the synergy effect to help us protect from cell damage caused by the toxic effects of pollution and chemicals, reduce inflammation at the cellular level & keep healthy cells healthy our entire life.

We have the Q&A section to test the knowledge of DS on Nutria Plus, Afterwards, we have the lucky draw. There are over 30 prizes, everyone can win the prize.

At the end of the party, we prepare refreshment for the participants. They all enjoy the food very much.

Participants wait for the beginning of the party
Happy birthday to GMD Yeung
Nutria Plus introduced by Finance Manager
Nutria Plus Q&A
Q&A winner
Q&A winner
Lucky draw prizes
Lucky draw
Lucky draw winner
Lucky draw winner
Lucky draw winner
Lucky draw winner
Refreshment after party