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Lifestyles Unveils Intra’s New Look


Bangkok, May 11, 2009 - On May 9, 2009, more than 1500 Distributors and guests from around the world united in Bangkok, Thailand to witness the unveiling of Intra's new look.

The annual event, International Leadership Convention, marked Lifestyles' 20th Anniversary and set the stage for the launch of Intra's refreshing new look. Intra's new look consists of a new well rounded bottle and a carefully designed new label that portrays all of Intra's 23 botanicals in vivid colour. Although the label and bottle have been fully redesigned, Intra's successful 17-year-old formula has remained untouched.

"I am incredibly excited about the new look of Intra" said David DeBora, Lifestyles CEO and Chairman. "What better time to energize the look of our flagship product than during our 20th Anniversary celebration. This is the beginning of a new chapter in Lifestyles history and Intra's new look is a great starting point."

Intra's new look was carefully designed to reflect the power of its 23 botanical extracts. Both the bottle and label were inspired by Intra's roots in natural health and ancient medicines. Much of the design's research was focused on ancient medicine bottles that were used hundreds of years ago for natural remedies.

"We focused a lot of research on very old bottles and flasks that were used in ancient medicine," said Paul Kramer, Senior Vice President. "We want the bottle to tell the story of Intra's history and ingredients, a story that Lifestyles Distributors can use as a sales tool. The result is perfect - a bottle that is fresh and modern, but still has a connection to Intra's natural ingredients."

Intra's new look was launched in Thailand, however Distributors from around the world are asked to check with their local markets to find out the exact date that the new bottle will become available to purchase in their country.

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