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Online Shopping Contest Winners / 線上購物大賽得主


Lifestyles is excited to share with you the WINNERS of our ONLINE SHOPPING CONTEST. For the month of July, Distributors who purchased their orders through our Online Shopping Cart received one ballot (per order) for a chance to win the CASH VALUE of their order. One lucky winner from each market was drawn at the end of this incentive period. Congratulations to all the winners!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNERS of Lifestyles Online Shopping Contest!!

Contest winners include:
Lifestyles Singapore: Distributor SIM SIEW LENG
Lifestyles Czech: National Marketing Director DANIELA DOLENSKA
Lifestyles Canada: Distributor MICHELLE LO
Lifestyles USA: Regional Director MACIEJ GLODEK
Lifestyles Israel: Direct Distributor ELENA BEKLISHCHEV
Lifestyles UK: Direct Distributor BRITT SANSOM
Lifestyles Thailand: Distributor NIRAT SRIHIRUN
Lifestyles Malaysia: Direct Distributor YEAP GUAT SUAT

Lifestyles Malaysia’s Grand Prize Winner, Direct Distributor, YEAP GUAT SUAT won the highest cash purchase (Instant Direct Order) in the Online Shopping Contest. Congratulations!!




Lifestyles新加坡市場:直銷商IM SIEW LENG
Lifestyles捷克市場:全國分銷董事DANIELA DOLENSKA
Lifestyles加拿大市場:直銷商MICHELLE LO
Lifestyles美國市場:區域董事MACIEJ GLODEK
Lifestyles以色列市場:直銷經理ELENA BEKLISHCHEV
Lifestyles英國市場:直銷經理BRITT SANSOM
Lifestyles泰國市場:直銷商NIRAT SRIHIRUN
Lifestyles馬來西亞市場:區域董事YEAP GUAT SUAT

Lifestyles馬來西亞的大獎得主,區域董事YEAP GUAT SUAT贏得線上購物大賽的最高現金訂購。恭喜!!