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2019 Year of Pig Lunar New Year Recognition Party


We have the Lunar New Year Recognition Party at Lifestyles Hong Kong office on February 16. In the party, we also recognize the promotion of distributors from July to December 2018.

First of all, we have the Lunar New Year blessing from the 3 GMDs & our Finance Manager. Besides, we prepare the birthday cakes to GMD Yau & Chan for their bithday in February & March respectively.

The party starts. GMD Yeung shares her Intra story & invites the guests to share their Intra stories toigether. They all find their health is improved after intaking Intra.

Then we come to the riddles. The answers are out of expectation that causes all participants laughing out loud.

Finally, it is the lucky draw. For the Year of Pig this year, we prepare 2 prizes of golden pig for the draw together with the other prizes, nearly everyone can draw the prize & feel lucky in the coming year.

After the exciting items, we prepare refreshment for participants to enjoy. They all find the food yummy very much.