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CNY Year of Dog Recognition Party 2018


To celebrate the CNY - Year of Dog, we organise the CNY Recognition Party in the office on February 28. Around 40 distributors attend the party.

The GMD Madam Yau, Madam Yeung, Madam Chan & Finance Manager Ellis Law have new year blessing to all. Madam Yau & Chan have their birthday in February & March respectively, we prepare birthday cakes for them & wish their birthday wishes come truth.

Let's start the party. Madam Yeung invites distributors to share their own Intra stories. They all thanks Lifestyles as Intra improves their health & wealth very much.

Then we come to the quiz game, lucky draw & the refreshment. All of the distributors enjoy the party very much. 

All guests arrive on time.
New year blessing.
Birthday cakes for GMD Yau & Chan
Birthday wishes & cakes cutting
Intra stories sharing
Quiz winner
Quiz game
Lucky draw