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CNY Recognition Party 2017


2017 is the year of Rooster in Chinese. We have the CNY Recognition Party on February 8 to celebrate the festival.

The attendance is over 40 persons. They all arrive on time to wait for the party. We have the roast pig cutting ceremony. Besides, there is birthday for GMD Yau & Chan in February & March respectively, we prepare birthday cakes to both for the greeting.

The party begins. The 1st item is the product stories sharing. Leaders & DS share their experience on consuming Intra & find the amazing effect of the product on their health. The 2nd item is the Q&A to test knowledge of the attendance on Intra. They all answer correctly & have a good understanding of the product. The last but not least item is the lucky draw. Nearly 90% of the attendance can draw the prizes. After the lucky draw, we prepare the refreshment to the attendance who enjoy the food very much & have a happy afternoon in the Year of Rooster.

CNY Recognition Party 2017 begins
Attendance all arrive.
Roast pig cutting ceremony
Birthday cake for GMD Yau
Birthday cake for GMD Chan
Birthday wish by both GMDs
GMD Yeung shares her Intra stories
DS shares her Intra story
Intra Q&A
Intra Q&A
Lucky draw prizes
DS picking the lucky card
DS gets the prize, so happy!
Refreshment, yummy!
DS enjoy the food very much.
Leaders never foget to talk Intra with guests.